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      Sichuan Tianyi Network Service Co., Ltd. was founded in June 2003, by the Sichuan Telecom Co., Ltd., Beijing mutual trust and mutual information technology Co., Ltd. joint venture. Sichuan Tianyi Network Service Co., the China Telecom independent intellectual property rights of the "global eye" business, and is committed to the telecom value-added software products, application software development, integration, sales, research and development, focusing on image monitoring and management system and application solutions, to provide more professional services for China telecommunication users.
All along, the development and operation of the company to the video service as the core business, provide network integration, application development, system upgrades, long-term customer service service one-stop service for development in remote image monitoring management services market. Company integration of product development, system implementation, after-sales service advantages, to provide users with truly secure service. Companies to actively promote the construction of information technology in Chengdu City, has won the trust of the government and the strong support of all sectors of society, is constantly striving to become an outstanding service provider of social information. At the same time, the company relies on abundant capital, technology, communication network resources, to provide foreign cooperation platform for all sectors of the community, is one of the model of foreign cooperation in Sichuan telecom.

Requirement analysis

      "Global eye" is a remote network video surveillance service provided by China Telecom based on IP technology and broadband network. Give full play to the advantages of cyber source China Telecom everywhere, through the network video monitoring platform, the decentralized and independent image information collection network, to achieve a unified control, unified management and hierarchical storage across the region, to meet customer demand for remote monitoring, management and information transfer.
The Sichuan Tianyi for the "global eye" project to carry out the core storage equipment selection, equipment suppliers to put forward strict requirements. With the rapid development of the construction of high-definition video surveillance system, "global eye" business requirements for storage devices have gone up, not only in the capacity to accommodate more HD video camera, the performance is also required to simultaneously handle more high-definition cameras and, in parallel writing, cross regional remote centralized maintenance and management of large equipment also, put forward a lot of very practical needs. Specific as follows:
1, can be customized. Sichuan Tianyi mutual trust and interoperability platform software, requiring storage devices built in CentOS 64 operating system, embedded mutual trust platform software, and can be streamlined and customized according to the requirements of Sichuan tianyi;
2, reliability. The storage device is the core equipment "global eye" project, to ensure the safety and reliability of height, which also requires stable and reliable storage equipment, low failure rate, key components, power supply fan, hard disk and other required to provide redundancy;
3, large capacity. To accommodate a large number of high-definition camera video recording, requires a machine frame can provide 24 or 36 disk, and support the expansion of the cabinet to carry out the expansion of capacity to meet the requirements of large capacity storage;
4, high performance. A single HD camera code rate in 6-8Mb/ seconds, the performance of the storage device also requires a large number of high-definition camera parallel write;
5, remote centralized management. The operation status and fault information of multiple storage devices can be remotely monitored in an interface, which can handle most faults in the remote process, simplify the maintenance management process and improve the efficiency.


     According to the requirements and characteristics of the video monitoring system of global eye "project, Sichuan Tianyi Network Service Co. Ltd. after several product testing, demonstration and comparison, the final selection of the SV1000G2 series of UIT storage system. Sichuan Tianyi company believes: SV1000G2 UIT storage system is a superior performance, high reliability and good quality, reasonable price products, fully meet the "global eye" project on the storage requirements.
UIT as the leading storage vendors focus on cloud computing and cloud storage, SV1000G2 network storage device is introduced in order to help the enterprise to build a cloud computing platform and large scale data center and design a storage products for "global eye" project, SV1000G2 is also very suitable for large-scale monitoring center for the deployment of video surveillance business centralized storage.
SV1000G2 with high performance, high stability and low power consumption, can meet the different customers, different application needs, while providing a variety of flexible configuration and a series of efficient and timely solutions.
SV1000G2 supports remote centralized monitoring and remote centralized management functions, can be run in a state of a remote monitoring interface of multiple storage devices and fault information, while supporting the IPMI2.0 specification, and the integration of KVM over and IP CD-ROM virtual function, can greatly reduce the maintenance cost of large-scale monitoring center, greatly improve the fault response speed.
SV1000G2 has the following features

Massive expansion, cost savings
Close to the customer needs of the dual design, SATA/SAS hard disk configuration, and can expand the JBOD expansion cabinet, greatly reducing the cost per TB.
Safe, efficient and stable
Optimization design of cooling system, the redundancy design of key components of gold, efficient power supply to provide a strong guarantee, and fully eliminate unexpected downtime.
Easy maintenance management
Support IPMI2.0 specification, through the IPMI management to make work more effective.
Customized solutions
Can be flexible configuration and customization, providing the largest overall performance, reduce the extra budget for the customer's need to provide a variety of applications to provide a variety of solutions.

User value

        The innovation of anxious customers, in-depth understanding and mining "global eye" business to the storage device with demand and function, combined with the characteristics of SV1000G2 series storage products can be customized, tailored to fully meet the "global eye" business needs a series of storage products, stability, capacity, performance, scalability and manageability aspects beyond the Sichuan Tianyi early test of other brand products, has won the highly recognized by customers.
Especially in the operation and maintenance management, demand for innovation of "global eye" business specializes in the development of cross regional remote centralized maintenance management software, the Sichuan Tianyi operation and maintenance personnel will be able well aware of the remote equipment status, can carry out remote handling and lifting of equipment failure, not only greatly improve the efficiency of the fault treatment, but also significantly reduce the cost of operation and maintenance.

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