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China Art Palace video surveillance storage project

Customer profile

      The Palace of Fine Arts is the Shanghai Museum of art, the permanent location, by Chinese hall lasted a year and converted into the Palace of Fine Arts is a large Museum of fine arts, the total construction area of over 160 thousand square meters, the total exhibition area of 64 thousand square meters, with 27 exhibition hall, the size and configuration of the largest in Asia.

Requirement analysis

      The security monitoring system of centralized monitoring on the Palace of Fine Arts 27 exhibition halls and corridors, achieve real-time monitoring real-time feedback, centralized control of 365 days, more effectively protect the safety of tourists and exhibits. All video data storage to storage management, and can be retrieved at any time according to the needs of users of video historical data analysis.


      To solve through the use of UIT storage solutions, the Palace of Fine Arts security monitoring system of the exhibition hall, corridor unified monitoring, the whole park monitoring, HD storage of suspicious persons, according to the customer demand we use SV1000G2 series, the Palace of Fine Arts to meet the security monitoring system of high performance, large capacity demand.
Specific topology is as follows

      12 video servers through the Cisco 6509 access to 11 sets of SV1000G2 storage, including 1 sets of SV1000G2 as a backup, usually no data read and write data will encounter failure to cut equipment, to achieve true high availability. Store 2 ports to make group IP mode, so that no single point of failure.

User value

     This project fully reflects the comprehensive advantages of UIT dedicated monitoring and storage equipment SV1000G2, mainly for: high capacity, high cost, high density, high reliability;

    Through this project, once again confirmed that the UIT SV1000G2 series product already has the support of the platform storage application management mode in major project monitoring, can give full play to the function of storage and service, storage management and application platform to build the high price, customized and high reliability.

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