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Zhengzhou City, the city unified video surveillance network management system project

Project profile

       Zhengzhou City, safe city video surveillance unified network management system is a systematic project, the main task of this project is the construction of the Municipal Public Security Bureau of safe community integrated video management platform, the centralized and unified management in the center, so as a landmark of great significance to promote the safe city and construction of harmonious community in Zhengzhou this project

Requirement analysis

       The project is mainly divided into two main parts, video management software platform and hardware platform, the main function is to achieve:
1, the Provincial Center video management functions: the main equipment management, user management, rights management and log management in four aspects of business management functions;
2, video access: the main completion of the front end of the video point of access;
3, TV wall management functions: to manage the TV wall, to provide the function of the wall function and the function of the large screen split screen function;
4, access services: responsible for access to all of the terminal equipment, the specific embodiment of the front-end equipment registration and location services, heartbeat service, message forwarding services, redirection services, agent services. Equipment registration service through the ID number of the verification equipment to ensure that only legitimate devices can access to the use of monitoring system;
5, network management function: the network management function is composed of two aspects, the first is the fault management, the second is the fault information of the query and statistics;
6, distribution services: streaming media server is similar to the traditional distributor from the video source video multiple copies and transmitted to multiple video destination, for example, a video camera is copied to multiple clients, to solve a large number of users to access the same video image processing encountered ask the server capacity and network bandwidth bottleneck
7, central storage service function: central storage needs to transfer video files through the network, the central storage server to support the push and pull two kinds of storage. According to the push, first of all to save the front-end video stream for the video file, and then upload the file to the storage center server; according to the drawing, storage center server and client directly with the front to establish a video connection, you will save the video stream for the video file. Center storage support file download and streaming video playback two ways. In the file download mode, the client must first download the video file and then playback; in the streaming mode, the client side is to download and playback. The main functions are as follows: 1) the recording of real-time video storage. 2) history video on demand. 3) history video download. 4) video key frame preview. 5) users, camera disk limit. 6) storage disk, performance query. 7) video files, pictures expired clearance. 8) insufficient disk space to automatically clear. 9) video files, pictures FTP query, download.
8, the user client: the client is the core of the entire image management system interface, but also the user interface of the entire system. Users through the operation of the system to achieve system management and image management. User management can be completed, display wall control, real-time image display, the history of image playback, etc..
9, alarm service plan: 1) system supports the user through the input point, drag the point, in the electronic map frame selection etc. the establishment plan; 2) the user can according to major events security, disaster prevention needs and other practical needs of plan setting; 3) system to support the video switch and the corresponding browsing scheme to save to plan the way.
10, WEB service: provide the WEB service through the IP address or domain name, the client through the browser to watch the real-time and historical video, PTZ camera control operation support, also can manage and download photos, support front-end storage configuration management, alarm settings.
11, the database machine hot standby: high availability tool software, able to monitor the connectivity of the target system. When the target system is accidentally shut down, it can take over the work of the target system, and realize the function of hot standby and high availability.


      For this project, to ensure that the 898 front 1 million 300 thousand pixel camera storage for 15 days, and the final requirements for centralized storage in the province center, according to the functional requirements of the storage service center: center server storage support "push" and "pull" the two storage methods, according to the push, first of all to save the video stream in front of for video files, then upload the file to the storage center server; according to the drawing, storage center server and client directly with the front to establish a video connection, you will save the video stream for the video file.
UIT according to the core requirements of this project, provides a very cost-effective high density special monitoring storage equipment 13 Taiwan SV1000G2, this device can meet the storage and service function, at the same time in the equipment embedded software platform, flexible customization of a cost-effective video management platform, the typical network topology map

User value

      This project fully reflects the full advantages of UIT dedicated monitoring and storage equipment SV1000G2, mainly for:
1 large capacity, high cost, high density, high reliability;
2 fully demonstrate the functions of storage and service: the use of integrated platform to fully reflect the monitoring storage server "push" and "pull" two storage ways to ensure the efficient use of video surveillance video management;
3 strong platform compatibility, fully integrated third party platform software for customers to save server costs, flexible customized video management platform.
Through this project, once again confirmed that the UIT SV1000G2 series product already has the support of the platform storage application management mode in major project monitoring, can give full play to the function of storage and service, storage management and application platform to build the high price, customized and high reliability.

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