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UIT successfully help the NDRC data disaster recovery project

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      The national development and Reform Commission (hereinafter referred to as the Commission), 2011 key construction projects were arranged in six categories, mainly related to transportation and modern industry, livelihood security, ecological environment, energy resources, land development projects. The UIT Data Center for the national development and Reform Commission project is the national strategic emerging industry development plan in 12th Five-Year, one of the supporting special planning. Project plans to build three data centers across the country, with Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou three places as the center is mainly used to simulate the environment of the platform data testing, customer presentation and training platform to use. Remote mutual backup data center requirements three future overall application architecture, and can guarantee that any data center business interruption, can get the same effect in the other two data center for testing, demonstration and training, and through the unified management can run real-time monitoring of three data center.
For each data center construction is mainly divided into three levels: the back-end storage system configuration, mainly used to achieve high-capacity centralized storage and online storage, according to the different application configuration of different types of storage devices; the construction of virtual storage management platform, mainly used to achieve the centralized management of virtualization, data storage devices copy protection; efficient data center application front-end application high availability configuration and independent client, building the system, enough to ensure the safe and stable operation of the data center, and on this basis can dynamically upgrade.

Requirement analysis

      UIT according to the overall demand, data center storage solutions recommend a set based on virtual platform based scheme, including: Beijing, Shanghai, virtual storage Guangzhou remote data center remote data backup solutions, local data center virtual storage solutions for a full set of the overall solution according to the requirements of a building to complete the construction of Beijing data center.
According to the overall deployment requirements, to complete the overall solution design ideas, the overall topology as shown below


      According to the needs of the project in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou three points are deployed in three data centers, each data center deployment part of large capacity and high reliability storage system SV3000G2 and UDMS virtualization platform as the center, focus on the completion of the integration and storage of key online storage system of the virtual management, on the basis of critical business data through UDMS virtualization platform between each data center based on virtual platform migration, data asynchronous remote copy. To achieve any data fault other data centers are still able to carry out simulation platform data testing, customer presentation and training platform to use.
On the other hand, in addition to plan the deployment of UDMS virtualization platform and SV3000G2 for storing structured data for the key, but also make full use of the existing Ethernet deployment for storing unstructured data of SV3000G2 and SV1000G2 enhanced the comprehensive analysis on the same data structure and data storage in consideration of the flexibility and the set of solutions.
The overall topology of the data center as shown in the following figure

User value

      This is a remote disaster recovery based on the technical requirements of the project and the solution of high capacity requirements, sales and pre-sales in that project information after continuous transfer according to the design plan of the project, from the value of the product features a design model to a set of solutions to our variety of products in the whole set of programs on the full play, once again a highlight in our large disaster recovery project and project overall solution capabilities. At the same time in the solution to the ability of the obvious advantages of the friends of the business, in the project to the user to show the company's technical capabilities and solutions!
The project not only in the overall solution ability to impress the customer, compared to the international friends of IBM, NATapp, EMC, technical force UIT technical team to show in a series of exchanges and improve the technical team, users believe UIT has the ability to complete the project.

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