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Provincial Public Security Department of the city alarm and monitoring system at the provincial level shared platform project

Project profile

      According to the economic and social development of Guizhou province and social security situation, by the end of 2011, the basic construction of social and economic development and public security work to adapt to the needs of the city alarm and monitoring system application system; the basic completion of the province's city alarm and monitoring system construction, implementation of key sections, key positions, key units of the comprehensive coverage of alarm monitoring; complete province, city (state, land) and the county (city or district) public security organ sharing platform for the construction of alarm monitoring, and the city (state, land), county (city and district) public security organs and the conditions of the police station video alarm monitoring center construction, realize the sharing of cross regional, cross sectoral, cross police information further; carry out alarm and monitoring system using the technical tactics research and promotion, innovate the work mechanism of police, to ensure that the dynamic of social security and control of illegal crime Precise attack target crime; in order to promote the social service work to strengthen the alarm, alarm video social resources management, to achieve the maximum benefit of government investment, to better serve the economic development and people's livelihood.

Requirement analysis

      The platform construction project mainly includes the following three items:

      1.Provincial Public Security Department, the province completed alarm monitoring sharing platform, cities (prefectures) the completion of the municipal public security organs alarm monitoring platform, each county (city and district) built the county public security organs alarm monitoring sharing platform, realize the alarm and monitoring system of the video and audio information, call display, storage and control function. Alarm monitoring and sharing platform at all levels must be established in the public security organs.

      2.The completion of the province's city public security alarm video sharing platform monitoring network construction. The public security alarm monitoring video network, the front-end monitoring, alarm and built city alarm and monitoring system of social security access resources sharing platform, highly integrated resources. Public security video network construction, must comply with the relevant safety standards of the Ministry of public security.

      3.The realization of the provincial, city (state, land), county (city and district) public security organs alarm monitoring shared interconnection between platforms, all levels of public security organs and public security alarm monitoring platform "intelligence" system, the police geographic information system (PGIS), "three in one" system, the police service integrated platform system the association and integration.


      The construction of the platform of this project, will be achieved to achieve seamless access sharing platform, station monitoring platform, public information system, public security and other video monitoring system; according to the actual situation (mainly according to the number of front-end monitoring and monitoring range, geographic location and economic factors at the county level) access to the shared platform or to access the central police station monitoring platform; when the front control within the jurisdiction of the police station, large range, according to the actual situation can be established with a shared central station monitoring platform platform.

      The sharing system should have strong ability of compatible platform, network system design using SIP communication protocol, according to the unified coding standard, unified network protocol, unified control protocol, unified numbering rules, unified image annotation system design, heterogeneous monitoring system can ensure access to a shared platform, realize information sharing and interaction the maximum.

      City and county public security organs not only by the superior sharing platform sharing control platform management, management and control of the sharing platform, management and control of the lower platform monitoring platform, station monitoring platform both by the superior shared control platform management, also the management and control of front-end monitoring equipment, platform sharing through authorization to realize conditional resources.

The front end of the bayonet (including bayonet center and bayonet end equipment) and on the principle of direct access to the nearest drug checkpoints or converge to the levels of sharing platform.

     The transmission network access Internet (collectively access network) transmission network and platform cascade (collectively backbone) building dedicated to the public security organs and public security alarm City video network monitoring system.

      The public security organs in Guizhou province city alarm and monitoring system of the overall structure reflected in the sharing platform as the center through the public network access to the Internet video to achieve horizontal, vertical platform security monitoring system, cascade; other public video information system through horizontal access to a shared platform, provide alarm monitoring information sharing platform, user access horizontal sharing platform alarm monitoring information provided by the use of shared platform interface; through vertical platform to achieve the provincial, city and county cascade cascade sharing between the platform and the police station monitoring center at all levels of the platform, the provincial level sharing platform has the highest management authority.

     According to the requirements of the platform construction, in the construction of the provincial monitoring center platform shared configuration storage device, ensure the alarm information of video and storage, access to the platform at the provincial level and management; in the construction of cities (prefectures) municipal public security organs alarm monitoring sharing platform, configuration of the storage device, ensure storage and management in the video, alarm information storage and lower the upload video and alarm information; in the construction of the county (city, district) public security organs at the county level alarm monitoring platform construction, the configuration of storage equipment to ensure the storage and information of the video and alarm information management; level three to three level storage sharing platform to ensure reliable and comprehensive management system. UIT in this project according to the requirements of the project, in the construction of the provincial platform, to provide a unified storage SV3000G2 dual controller products, with its stable, reliable, strong robustness and is fully compatible with the platform, to ensure the reliability of provincial platform application, the topology of the typical

User value

      This project is a safe city architecture based on three typical special network environment, and is the platform of collaboration between management and operation, storage as the main carrier of platform construction, has a stable and reliable, high capacity, high concentration of important role in the management of the project, UIT SV3000G2 for the unified storage products for dual control with mature and stable, large capacity, high availability, easy management advantages once again confirmed the successful application in the platform of the safe city.

      Based on the three tier network architecture of the city alarm and monitoring system of safe city, military industry and government and other related industries, to build three level monitoring platform architecture is very typical applications, whether it is between the platform and the application of collaborative application platform and the platform has a higher requirement for the storage, dual controller products in IP SAN and FC SAN under the environment of building a large platform to fully reflect the characteristics of their advantages.

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