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     In 12th Five-Year, the country put forward a lot of suggestions on the development of regional forestry. At present, the rapid development of information technology, information technology has been more profound impact on human society, more drastic changes in the whole world. The national planning for 12th Five-Year but also to bring a lot of opportunities that forestry system, "12th Five-Year" period of the overall goal of forestry informatization construction is to improve the national forestry information platform, 80% of the provincial forestry department to build information platform, 80% provincial units built into the state, province, city and county level Four on the interconnection of forestry e-government transmission network; application of information technology in improving forestry core business, core business information coverage rate reached more than 80% above the Provincial Forestry Department paperless office rate reached 80%, online processing of administrative licensing items reached more than 80%; the completion of the national forestry information resources directory and exchange system, safety management system.

Requirement analysis

      According to the analysis of the user's network and the actual application, the user is mainly in the satellite image data, centralized storage of pictures and other critical data; the daily data in the shared disk to the other users to access and provide FTP download, so the network storage equipment to meet the needs of the project.

      Requirements to provide massive storage space, the current all non structural data to focus on storage, and to meet the requirements of the future of structured data storage. At the same time providing non structured data storage to achieve the centralized storage of data.

     From the current situation about the user to understand, at present there are many types of user applications, user storage file types are as follows: unstructured data storage, satellite cloud image data, Office files, monitoring pictures and other types of daily storage, later will increase the application of the database.

     Centralized storage, data and image files are very convenient to manage and backup. Use this system for some video processing applications and testing.

     Data highly centralized system, data security is the first. Must be from hardware to software to establish a strict security measures, as far as possible to reduce the fault point; and ensure that in the case of single point or multi-point failure, the system can continue to run, and can return to normal online. Normally, disk array technology is used to improve the reliability of the data.

     The storage system can meet the requirements of backup software and hardware environment, the system can increase the backup and disaster recovery capabilities, to further improve the reliability.

     With the image file, satellite images, capture images gradually increase the scalability of storage system is particularly important, the continuity of good scalability can guarantee business.

After a preliminary understanding of the current user environment as shown in the following figure:

     From the current application environment can present environment using 1000M topology Ethernet data transmission and storage, all 1000M server through Ethernet network data is stored in the 1 storage device SOHU 5 disk of small and medium-sized enterprises, the SOHU storage device, mainly for small and medium enterprises and home users to provide data storage services. Usually unable to meet the needs of the enterprise's high performance and large capacity storage, but also unable to meet the late storage capacity expansion.


     According to the requirements of the system construction and the construction environment, the following solutions are configured.

     The proposal chooses 1T enterprise level storage disk, configure 96 disk to carry on data storage. Configuration of the 1T disk, such as the proposed configuration of 6 storage disks.

     In order to better address the needs of users, UIT recommends that users choose SV3000G2 to meet user needs.

    SV3000G2 to meet the massive storage space of the user, to meet the development needs of the centralized storage of all non structural and structural data of the future, such as the configuration of the SATA disk, SV3000G2 supports online capacity expansion, to meet the development needs of enterprise storage for several years.

     The storage file types are as follows: satellite images, image data, Office files, monitoring pictures and other types of daily storage, and application in the database of the late, this requires the storage system in the use of NAS file sharing based on the FTP application should also file storage needs the support of data blocks, not recommended for single use NAS storage is recommended to select SV3000G2 that can meet the application needs of NAS, but also can satisfy the database application later.

     SV3000G2 uses centralized storage, data and image files are very convenient to manage and backup. Then use this system for some video processing applications.

     SV3000G2 multi level RAID protection can be used to allow the 1-2 block disk failure without causing data loss, the dual controller to support the dual Active-Active mode of operation, greatly improve the system security and reliability.

    From the above, you can see the storage space to multiple servers or application services, FTP or database will store the data directly in the SV3000G2 storage. Run different types of business systems on SV3000G2. Providing data storage services for different end users.

     From the current requirements of large capacity, high stability and high reliability of user needs, more application service for storage and conformity requirements, we recommended to meet a set of large capacity, high stability and high reliability of the SV3000G2 storage system as the recommended products of this project.

     ISAN P storage is currently the main support for 1Gb transmission network, some manufacturers have also launched a million products, but million products due to the network environment is still some distance from the reality of the application,

     FC fiber channel has become the current standard of SAN in fact because of its high performance, better connectivity and the ability to support block oriented storage protocols. FC fiber channel to the deal with a large number of processing tasks assigned to the hardware to complete, so as to achieve its high performance. The SAN IP is more through the server CPU to complete, while the TCP/IP network handshake and the seven layer protocol has affected the original network bandwidth of only 1Gb transmission performance and reliability.

     However, these are not the reason to choose IP SAN, there are a lot of small and medium-sized enterprises and in the video surveillance industry launched IP SAN IP SAN some low-end storage on the market at present, through to the server based on the modified, the server itself has reliability and safety has also become a test of the strength of the local manufacturers of technology. At present, the SAN IP storage system for the architecture of this architecture is very superior to the number of storage vendors is not much.

     Disk storage SV3000G2 supports two kinds of medium SAS and SATA, according to the characteristics of the business enterprise can choose different media such as hard disk, you can choose to use SATA disk to mass to support mass storage, such as some of the key business can choose SAS disk to obtain more reliable and high performance IO.

    By storing all the storage together to the optical fiber switch, it can meet the extension of the storage and the performance of the unlimited capacity.

     Recommended scheme selection of SV3000G2 storage system, using SV3000G2 controller architecture, any cable does not exist on the device, while the processor uses RSIC processor, compared with ordinary PC and server processor with higher level instruction set. So that it has higher operating efficiency and higher safety and reliability.

     SV3000G2 at the same time the dual controller is configured to switch to another controller for the first time in the event of a fault without interrupting the operation of the existing operating system. It can fully meet the requirements of the dual computer cluster, high performance database and video and so on.

     According to user requirements, the SAN FC and SAN IP were compared, FC in many aspects of the performance is better than SAN IP and can better meet user needs and future business development.

User value

     UIT help the forestry informatization, establish and improve standards of forestry information system, to achieve full integration of forestry and forestry information service, and strive to make each level, each stage, each link in forestry construction are under effective supervision, the basic realization of the forestry business online processing, lay a solid foundation for the full implementation of forestry informatization implementation of forestry area security.

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