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Last 2014, China vigorously promote domestic independent innovation, strengthen the information security of the important turning point in the year, general secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that the "no network security is no national security, there is no modern information technology" and "ringing in the ears, adhere to the requirements of the overall view of national security", and the establishment of national security system in 11 areas including information safety, security to development, is to make information security, network security up to the height of hitherto unknown. Under this background, rooted in the storage area, adhere to independent innovation, Storage Technology Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "UIT innovation") is put forward "new new storage and U potential" concept, set off a wave of independent innovation, protect national information security new initiatives in the storage industry market.

"Dedicated to becoming the data storage solution provider and information expert" as the goal of the UIT innovation, in the storage area to a low-key and pragmatic attitude of cultivating industry market for more than ten years, focusing on the storage area and always adhere to independent innovation, and achieved fruitful results. It is understood that the UIT innovation is a breakthrough in the field of cloud storage and traditional disk array business industry application and integration, independent of its safe and controllable products are widely used in monitoring, media, telecommunications and Internet, small and medium-sized enterprises, government and other industries, and has been highly praised by the industry and partners.

UIT innovation since its inception, always adhere to technological progress and independent innovation oriented, and accurately grasp the development trend of the industry leading data, several major direction for the unified storage and application of storage, cloud storage, continue to forge ahead, is committed to become the global market leader and storage technology innovation enabler. It is understood that the UIT innovation is cloud storage and network storage leader in China's first independent core technology, and master the core technology of disk array controller and cloud storage file system, how to set up R & D center in Chinese, now has the patent of hardware and software technology at home and abroad hundreds of stores. UIT can provide the innovation from the data storage and data management to the cloud storage system of products and technology, has become the largest professional storage vendors with independent intellectual property rights and the core of the most influential national brand.

UIT innovation branch relevant responsible person said, after more than and 10 years of steady development, UIT innovation branch has developed into a national high-tech enterprises with independent research and development, production, independent sales. Since 2005, UIT has introduced innovation application storage system, unified storage system and cloud storage system, independent research and development of products, which are widely used in government, broadcasting, telecommunications and financial and other industries number. UIT innovation for many years by the State Ministry of information industry China named the ten annual high growth enterprises; six consecutive Chinese International Software Expo Gold Award and Innovation Award; in 2012 to become the Chinese security association. Behind these honors, is to focus on the UIT innovation branch of the storage area to insist on independent innovation and motivation.
It is understood, UIT innovation branch after years of research and development, has accumulated a large number of intellectual property rights. As of the end of 2014, the company has received 33 software product registration certificate and 65 software copyright. In terms of patents, innovation branch has received 61 patents at home and abroad, most of which are patent for invention. Another more than 40 patents pending.
It is an accurate grasp of the depth of the storage area and the development of the industry, so that UIT innovative branch aware of the relationship between their storage industry and information security. In recent years, the issue of information security has risen to the national level, the information security policy is also continuing in the intensive introduction. UIT innovation is responsible for that, the protection of national information security is the responsibility of the obligatory UIT innovation, in order to ensure the information security, in addition to the introduction of relevant policies and regulations, should be with the help of information technology to enhance the safety factor. This year, UIT innovation branch will launch based on domestic processors of the entire autonomous safe and controllable storage system, support SAN/NAS IP function, the realization of the server, the storage of a unified security storage application platform. This series of products is the first domestic CPU based application storage system, which can be widely used in security requirements of the government office, security monitoring, network video, IDC data storage and other applications and industry. In addition, UIT innovation branch launched distributed cloud storage system UFS technology has made great breakthroughs, the core code is completely independent research and development, domestic initiative.
Here, UIT innovation will continue to strengthen its own Chinese support storage and cloud storage technology research and product development of its own intellectual property rights, uphold the "new new storage and U potential" concept, for our country storage industry development and national information security to contribute their strength.

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