UIT innovation push the third generation of unified storage new fighting market


Recently, the domestic enterprise storage vendors worldwide and solutions provider - uit (hereinafter referred to as the "UIT innovation") released its self-developed third generation unified storage products SV5000G3 and SV8000G3 comprehensive listing!
In the era of big data, UIT innovation in frontier advanced design concepts and new architecture developed third generation unified storage products SV5000G3 and SV8000G3, the characteristics of a flexible architecture, efficient and easy to use, green energy, safe and reliable to meet the needs of enterprise data storage applications. In the industry is quite low-key UIT innovation branch will take the opportunity to market a high-profile return to the market, the high-end storage market, the integration of its own advantages, insist on independent innovation to boost the data storage industry into a new era.
As a focus on the storage industry for more than and 10 years of business, low-key and pragmatic, steady development of UIT innovation branch to independent innovation in the industry's reputation. It is reported that the introduction of the third generation UIT innovative branch of the new store SV5000G3 and SV8000G3 is its concentration of the latest results of research and development. Adopt new Intel 64 bit high performance multi-core processor storage, through multi protocol support FC SAN 10Gb, the perfect realization of 16Gb IP SAN and 12Gb SAS fusion, effective integration of existing user storage network architecture, to achieve unified deployment of high performance SAN network and centralized management. With the help of automatic stratification, SSD two level cache, cache partition, data flow control to achieve efficient data storage optimization technology; green energy-saving design combined with the advanced data protection function, ensure business continuity, to achieve the highest performance and lowest cost of operation and management, to maximize the help enterprise users to increase the return on investment.
In addition, UIT innovation department three generation unified storage SV5000G3, UIT new UIT SV8000G3 uses a unified flexible architecture, provides 8Gb host interface FC, 16Gb FC, 10Gb iSCSI SAS has a variety of types, back-end 12Gb hard disk interface, it also provides 3.5 "and 2.5" hard drives, with excellent scalability. UIT SV5000G3, UIT SV8000G3 uses 64 bit multi-core processor, PCI-e industry leading 3 bus system configuration, enhance the processing ability of the system, can fully meet the needs of large databases in various high IO application requirements and various high throughput applications.
UIT SV5000G3 and UIT SV8000G3 as a new generation of data storage devices for the era of big data, in addition to the above framework, flexible processing ability strong, efficient, green energy, safe and reliable and meet customer needs, fight storage market killer apps.
To grasp the development of industry changes, meet the needs of users is the UIT innovation Keli pushing new intention, so a comprehensive listing of two new UIT SV5000G3 and UIT SV8000G3 in the face of different user groups and different characteristics. According to the UIT innovation of the relevant person in charge, UIT SV5000G3 is mainly suitable for medium-sized database, cloud computing, cloud storage, Data Center Virtualization and other types of medium scale data processing applications, can provide safe and reliable data storage applications for the financial, telecommunications, government, healthcare, energy and other industries enterprise users. Its greatest feature is to use the SSD as a two level cache, greatly improve the memory cache hit rate, avoid the frequent read and write to the low speed hard disk, greatly enhance the overall performance of the system performance. At the same time, SSD can also be used as a controller to mirror image, enhance the reliability of the system.
UIT and SV8000G3 are fully applicable to large database, high performance computing, massive data storage, cloud computing, cloud storage, data mining, data analysis, Data Center Virtualization and other large-scale data processing applications, and is widely used in finance, telecommunications, government, energy, healthcare, transportation, education and other industries. It is worth mentioning that, UIT SV8000G3 with SSD two level cache performance, cache partition, data flow control functions, this product also has automatic layered function, can support the intelligent management of existing hierarchical data automatically. When the thermal data of high frequency access, UIT SV8000G3 will automatically save it to high-speed SSD or SAS disk; when the frequency is reduced into cold data, and the data will be re allocated to the dynamic capacity and high efficiency NL-SAS disk. All the operations are automatically completed in the free time, without affecting the performance of the host greatly enhance the storage efficiency, reduce the use of cost.
In the era of big data, with the popularity of mobile Internet, data analysis, cloud services and other applications, storage as the cornerstone of the bearer data, in the current IT infrastructure plays a crucial role. To accurately grasp the depth of insight into the storage industry and future trends, technology accumulation accumulation in the roots and storage industry for more than ten years and the advantage of independent innovation, innovation can make UIT at the right time heavy launch of new storage products. The UIT innovation branch announced the third generation of unified storage of new information, but also to the industry for the future of UIT innovation branch is expected to be full of. UIT innovation division will be able to market demand in a large but highly competitive storage market full force? May release a new generation of storage products is just the beginning of UIT innovation market onslaught.

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