CCTV2: UIT Realizes Rapid Growth of Business


On September 13, 2017, the CCTV2 channel production and observation section made an in-depth report on the development of the domestic storage industry. Bill Bao, vice president of the UIT, accepted an interview with the column: artificial intelligence and cloud computing to promote the domestic storage industry Development, UIT Branch as a domestic enterprise-class storage leader after years of technical accumulation and continuous innovation, achieved rapid and prosperous performance.

     The rapid development of the Internet industry and the large-scale construction of cloud data centers provide opportunities for enterprise storage. The fact that 80% of domestic market storage equipment is a foreign brand has become a history, and domestic enterprise storage products have become the backbone of the domestic storage market. In 2016, the market share of domestic storage vendors accounted for 35.7% of the national market share, exceeding the one-third share of the entire Chinese market*. (Source: CCID Consulting Co., Ltd. "2016-2017 China Storage System Market Research Annual Report")

     As a domestic enterprise-class storage leader, UIT Innovation has long adhered to independent innovation, relying on international technological advantages and long-term accumulated research and development strength, and has made outstanding achievements in the frontier of storage technology, with more than 100 domestic and foreign invention patents and copyrights. It has also undertaken a number of major scientific and technological projects at the national, provincial and municipal levels. It is the first manufacturer of IPSAN/NAS network storage with independent intellectual property rights in China, and the first domestic independent research and development and production of high-end optical SAN storage. In recent years, UIT Innovations has strengthened software-defined storage research for cloud computing and big data environments, and has fully covered the high-end and low-end needs of enterprise-class data storage.

     Utilizing the wave of cloud computing and big data, UIT Innovations achieved sustained and rapid growth. In an interview with Vice President Bao Qingping, the business of UIT Innovations has grown substantially in recent years. UIT Innovations not only maintains steady growth in the traditional disk storage market, but also achieves rapid growth in the software-defined storage market.

    In the future, UIT Innovation will continue to invest in enterprise-level storage for cloud computing and big data applications with its leading core technologies, products and services, and deepen the integration of customer needs, so that data can create greater value. 

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