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On November 17, 2017, the signing ceremony of the major project of Longgang District, Shenzhen, with the theme of “Gathering high-end innovative resources and creating an eastern innovation center”, and the “Thousand Talents Program” expert innovation and entrepreneurship exchange meeting was held during the 2017 Shenzhen High-Tech Fair. . At the signing ceremony of the project, Longgang District Party Committee Secretary Zhang Yong, Guizhou Huaxintong Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: Huaxintong Semiconductor) Chairman Ouyang Wu, Innovation Division Storage Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as UIT) Chen Kai, Chairman of the Board of Innovation, and Wu Xiong Ang, Global Executive Vice President and President of Greater China, jointly witnessed the strategic cooperation framework agreement signed by the Quartet representatives. The Quartet agreed to establish the “Arm Architecture Data Center Joint Lab in Longgang District, Shenzhen”. "Develop and build a data center demonstration project for autonomous, secure, and controllable cloud computing and big data applications based on high-performance, low-power Arm architecture processors." Chen Guangwen, deputy head of Longgang District, attended the signing ceremony.

The joint laboratory project is part of the important measures for Longgang District to implement the “Dongjin Strategy”, build a technological innovation industry belt, introduce key technologies, and promote the development of independent and controllable information industry; accelerate the marketization of the information industry and accelerate The important content of building an international and innovative city. According to the agreement, "Arm Architecture Data Center Joint Lab" will be based in Longgang District, based on the core architecture server processor of Huaxintong Semiconductor, and take full advantage of the high performance, low power consumption and low cost of the processor. Server and storage device development. At the same time, the state-level high-tech enterprise UIT Innovation Division's innovative experience in storage systems, data centers, cloud services and big data, quickly realize the development, deployment and industrialization of servers and storage devices based on Arm architecture processors.

At the same time, through the cooperation of the Quartet, in addition to providing cloud computing and big data application data center demonstration projects and supporting environment for enterprises, it can also help achieve the goal of independent and controllable localization of government e-government, and promote e-government cloud and new generation. Application and industrialization of data centers. The development of the laboratory will meet the operational and maintenance requirements of government e-government, enterprise cloud computing and big data applications, and help establish autonomous, secure, controllable, high-performance and low-power data centers to promote the domestic server chip industry. Alliance building and ecosystem improvement, and fully meet the needs of cloud data centers in the Internet, Internet of Things, big data analysis, artificial intelligence and other fields.

Dr. Wang Kai, CEO of Huaxintong Semiconductor, said: “We are very pleased that the Arm Architecture Data Center Joint Lab has settled in Longgang District, Shenzhen. Huaxintong Semiconductor will provide the independent laboratory with high performance and low performance based on Arm architecture. Power consumption server chip, software and hardware platform and R&D technical support. We will support the national strategy, together with partners, focus on data security, promote the ecological construction of domestic server chips in the data center, and further expand the self-controllable local Cloud ecological industry chain."

Chen Kai, Chairman of UIT Innovations, said: "Since its inception in 2001, UIT Innovations has been committed to leading and driving independent innovation in China's storage market and big data services. UIT Innovations is responsible for disk storage, cloud storage and software-defined storage. The core technology can be combined with partners and complement each other to quickly realize the productization and large-scale deployment of servers and storage devices based on Arm architecture processors. With the support of national policies and local governments, we will promote IT equipment. The comprehensive localization of hardware and software platforms to meet the construction needs of e-government clouds and next-generation data centers."

Wu Xiong, the global executive vice president and president of Greater China, said: "The Arm architecture processor has lower power consumption and computing performance advantages, which can effectively meet the data center's requirements in terms of computing, energy consumption and information security. China has a broad market prospect. In the future, Arm will work more closely with domestic partners to increase investment in the construction of the Arm architecture cloud service ecosystem. We will provide technical support for the Arm Architecture Data Center Joint Lab. The room project was successful."

It is reported that the research and development and construction of the Arm Architecture Data Center Joint Laboratory will be guided by independent innovation and green energy conservation, with independent control of domestic processor, server, storage, switch and other hardware platform technologies and cloud computing management technology, data encryption. Technology, big data processing technology, data center software ecological construction, etc. are the research priorities, and the key technologies of self-safe and controllable data centers such as high efficiency, security, mass, high performance, low power consumption and high availability are the main research contents. The research results of the joint laboratory will meet the application of the national strategic and economic development pillar industries (finance, telecommunications, energy, government, public security, education, etc.), and at the same time face the Internet, radio and television media, public security video surveillance, government public opinion monitoring, smart city Such as massive structured, unstructured data applications.

About Huaxintong Semiconductor

Huaxintong Semiconductor is jointly funded by Guizhou Province and Qualcomm Incorporated of the United States. It is registered in Guizhou Gui'an New District and has branches in Beijing and Shanghai. Huaxintong Semiconductor focuses on the design, development and sale of advanced server chips for use in China. The establishment of Guizhou Huaxintong Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd. will help promote the development of China's integrated circuit industry, enhance the development and design capabilities of China's chip industry, and promote and realize China's "strong core dream."

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Innovation is the leading big data company with complete independent intellectual property rights in China. UIT Innovations has consistently adhered to independent innovation, mastered the core technology of disk storage, deeply integrated with market demand, and guided by customer needs, providing cost-effective products, integrated customized solutions and big data services for domestic and foreign customers, with 20 in mainland China. A number of branches have formed a marketing network covering the European and Southeast Asian markets, and are committed to becoming a leader in the Chinese storage market and a leader in technology innovation in the field of big data services, providing users with stable and efficient big data and storage services, allowing data to be Customers create greater value.

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As the core of the computing and interconnected revolution, Arm technology is changing the way people live and run their businesses. From indispensable areas to intangible support, Arm's advanced energy-efficient processor designs have been used in more than 100 billion chips to securely support electronic devices, from sensors to smartphones to supercomputing applications. Arm has more than 1,100 technology partners, including the world's most famous commercial and consumer brands. Arm is actively collaborating and expects to apply Arm innovation to all areas where computing is required, including chips, networks and the cloud.

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