UIT becomes the new National Information Technology Standardization Technical Committee - SC28 Subcommittee


On November 28, 2017, the inaugural meeting and the first working meeting of the SC28 Office Machinery, Peripherals and Consumables Subcommittee of the Third National Information Technology Standardization Technical Committee (hereinafter referred to as the Sub-Technical Committee) was successfully held. Sub-technical committee charter (draft) and secretariat working rules (draft). As a representative enterprise of domestic enterprise-level storage, UIT Innovation Branch became a member of the new sub-technical committee. Xu Yongfeng, the chief engineer of UIT, was appointed as a new member of the sub-technical committee.

The National Information Technology Standardization Technical Committee Office Machine, Peripheral Equipment and Consumables Subcommittee is a subcommittee established under the National Information Technology Standardization Technical Committee approved by the National Standardization Administration Committee. It is a technical organization engaged in national standardization work in the field of office machines, peripheral equipment and consumables. It is responsible for the technical standardization of national office machines, peripheral equipment and consumables standardization, and undertakes the domestic centralized work of international standards organizations. At this stage, there are three working groups, namely computer peripherals (including servers, storage, printers, etc.), self-service terminals and consumables working groups.

UIT Innovation Branch has long adhered to independent innovation, relying on international technological advantages and long-term accumulated research and development strength, has rich experience in storage technology research and development and service, not only has more than 100 domestic and foreign invention patents and copyrights, but also undertaken many The major science and technology projects at the national, provincial and municipal levels are the earliest manufacturers of IPSAN/NAS network storage with independent intellectual property rights in China, and the first domestic independent research and development and production of high-end fiber-optic SAN storage. With UIT Innovations Inc. increasing software-defined storage research for cloud computing and big data environments, UIT Innovation's storage solutions have comprehensively covered the high-end, low-end needs of enterprise-class data storage and successfully served telecommunications, security, and broadcasting. , finance and government affairs and other fields. UIT Innovation has been approved as a member of the new National Information Technology Standardization Technical Committee by virtue of its R&D technical strength and in-depth understanding of the enterprise market.

Dr. Xu Yongfeng, Chief Engineer of UIT Innovation Division, is a senior storage technology expert in China. He has more than 15 years of theoretical research foundation and engineering practice experience in the domestic storage industry. This new member of the subcommittee will focus on computer peripherals, especially on the drafting and recommendations of new technical standards for servers and storage. Dr. Xu Yongfeng said that UIT Innovation is willing to work with industry experts to promote the standardization of computer peripheral equipment technology, promote technological innovation, promote industry prosperity, and make information technology more transparent and better serve the needs of data services.

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