Chairman Chen Kai donated to his alma mater Zhou Enlai Memorial Hall


     On December 23, 2017, Chen Kai, Chairman of the Innovation Division, donated to the Zhou Enlai Memorial Hall of the Alma Mater University. At the donation ceremony, Chen Kai said that the study in Nankai has benefited a lot. Premier Zhou Enlai is a model for Nankai students, and he is honored to contribute to the Zhou Enlai Memorial Hall in preparation for the construction. The crowdfunding plan of “Nankai Centennial Zhou Enlai Memorial Lecture Hall” was launched in December 2016. It called on hundreds of thousands of Nankai students who have received Nankai Education to participate in the “100,000 yuan” and strive to achieve tens of thousands of Nankai people to build a hundred years. The feat of the lecture hall. The name of each donor will be engraved on the memorial wall of the Nankai Centennial Hall.

      Zhou Enlai was the first student of Nankai University. He returned to his alma mater for inspection three times after the founding of New China. Gong Kai, the president of Nankai, told the friendship between Zhou Enlai and her alma mater, and invited the students from Nankai University to establish Zhou Enlai Memorial Hall to commemorate the Nankai sages and give gifts to Nankai University for a hundred years. Let Zhou Enlai commemorate the lecture hall to become Nankai people at home and abroad. The sacred hall of academic, cultural and artistic.

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