UIT won the annual successful enterprise of 2017-2018 China storage market domestic brand


     On March 22, 2018, United Information Technology Co., Ltd. (UIT Innovation Division) won the "China IT Market Annual Meeting and CCID Eco Partner Conference" 2017-2018 China Storage Market Domestic Brand Year Successful business. “China IT Market Annual Conference and CCID Eco Partner Conference” was hosted by China Electronic Information Industry Development Research Institute and hosted by CCID Consulting Co., Ltd., inviting government leaders, industry experts, business leaders and industry users to participate in the event and look forward to the future. A new revolution in the development of the IT industry, an in-depth interpretation of the development trend of digital technology.

Affirmed by industry experts and customers for many years

     UIT Innovation is a national high-tech enterprise based on storage system, integrating data center, cloud service and big data service. It has more than 20 branches in mainland China and forms a marketing network covering Europe and Southeast Asia. We are committed to becoming a leader in China's storage market and a leader in technology innovation in the field of big data services, providing users with stable and efficient big data and storage services, enabling data to create greater value for customers.

     UIT Innovations is committed to storage and innovation in the big data market. By the end of 2017, it has nearly 200 intellectual property and patented technologies; disk storage and software-defined storage systems are widely used in various applications of many partners in the security industry. In the field of rail transit, UIT Innovations' products have been successfully deployed in more than ten urban rail transit lines, ensuring the safe travel of millions of people per day; the largest in the radio and television industry, the largest in the broadcasting industry. Cluster storage enables successful deployment and operation, and simultaneously verifies the product quality and service capabilities of UIT Innovations; in the financial, telecommunications and energy industries, UIT Innovation has been recognized by customers and has provided professional and growing growth for many years. Storage equipment and technical services.

Business transformation

     In 2017, under the rapid development of big data, UIT Innovation Division realized a comprehensive transformation of its business. It has been formed in the three major product lines of new business, software-defined storage and traditional disk array for big data.

New business for big data

     New services for big data include Arm data center servers and data center operations. Among them, it is expected that the DCServer H2000, a data center server based on 10nm Arm architecture processor, will be launched on April 10th, aiming to build a high-performance, low-power core infrastructure platform for customers.

     DCServer H2000 breaks the shackles of traditional IT architecture and provides users with a unified infrastructure platform. The processor uses the 10nm FinFET advanced process of the Arm server processor, the highest physical 48 core, DDR4 memory, PCIe 3.0 high-speed bus, low support Advanced technologies such as power consumption management, with features such as security, reliability, high performance, low power consumption, ecological soundness, and simple management, provide users with rich expansion interfaces and excellent performance in a compact 2U space. DCServer H2000 can fully support high-concurrency data center applications such as cloud computing, big data, high-performance parallel computing, high-performance distributed database, mass content distribution, high-speed network caching and social media data analysis. It is government, internet, finance, Ideal for high-density workloads in data centers such as telecommunications, security, medical, and large enterprises.

Software defined storage

     UIT Innovation's software-defined storage enables faster deployment and expansion on a large scale, including hyper-converged systems, UFS, UUS, and Uspace products.

     UUS is a distributed unified storage independently developed by UIT. It uses a symmetric architecture and a scale-out-based scale-out design to build a large-scale distributed storage cluster based on general-purpose hardware. UUS adopts the underlying hard disk management and upper layer resource management two-layer virtualization management mode. The hard disk is divided into smaller granular data blocks within the system. The logical disk is no longer composed of some hard disks fixed in the node, but is constructed differently. Above the data blocks in different hard disks on the device. Different from the advantages of traditional RAID, copy and other data protection technologies, and the obvious technical characteristics of short boards, UUS has the advantages of various traditional data protection technologies, and is balanced in terms of reliability, performance, space utilization, and TCO. UUS provides multiple data interfaces such as blocks, files, and objects, which can be applied to different business application scenarios. UUS has a flexible data protection level and high space utilization. It supports fast reconfiguration, rapid capacity expansion, and automatic capacity balancing. It supports large RAID (a few hundred or even thousands of disks), and the system is easy to deploy and maintain. At the same time, UUS, as a mass storage system, has added many features in system operation and maintenance. It is more suitable for cloud environment and large-scale data center deployment, bringing convenience to users and reducing operation and maintenance costs.

     The hyper-converged system is the ultra-converged infrastructure platform that UIT Innovations is about to launch. Comply with open architecture standards, integrate computing, storage, virtualization, etc. into a standard X86/ARM hardware device in a software-defined way to form a standardized hyper-converged unit. Multiple units are integrated horizontally through a high-speed network. For a super fusion system. All resources of the system are centrally monitored, managed and maintained through a unified management platform, creating a simple, flexible and on-demand new generation IT architecture for users. Applicable to a variety of application scenarios such as private cloud, virtualization, desktop cloud, etc., can be widely used in government, education, medical, data center, security and other industries.

     Dr. Xu Yongfeng, chief engineer of UIT Innovation Division, said: The successful enterprise award for domestic brands in China's storage market for three consecutive years is affirmation and encouragement for the performance of UIT Innovation's storage market. UIT Innovation Division always adheres to independent innovation, and strives to seize the big data development opportunity to provide users with professional, stable and secure big data storage services; it will also build a more complete system to continue its leading position in the storage market while strengthening The research and development of big data services provides data center users with more green and energy-saving solutions to help data center users, and meets user application needs with a sound ecosystem.

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