UIT won the bid for Shenzhen HD Electronic Police Project


    On June 19, 2018, UIT announced that it won the bid for the Shenzhen HD Electronic Police Project and entered the project implementation stage.

    The project is based on one of the key projects implemented by the Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government's “Urban Management and Management Year” work plan to effectively improve the level of road traffic prevention and control in Shenzhen. The construction goal of the project is to fully cover the traffic monitoring facilities of the high-speed roads and create a relatively intelligent traffic demonstration zone to ensure that the road traffic conditions are significantly improved, the traffic order is obviously improved, and traffic accidents are significantly reduced.

    After the implementation of the project, it will not only improve the road traffic control capacity of Shenzhen, but also assume the responsibility of forming an integrated information structure in the city under the “unified structure, unified platform, unified data and unified standards” of the new smart city. Realize the future video-aware resource sharing, video private network reuse, video data sharing and other software and hardware resources reuse and sharing, provide effective support for the construction of new smart cities, and finally realize the city's resource planning, intensive construction and open sharing.

    As a well-known big data storage service provider in China, UIT adheres to technological innovation while enhancing the integration of products, technologies and services, and increasing market expansion. It not only strengthens technology integration capabilities in video streaming, cloud storage and cloud platforms, but also takes the overall solution as the starting point, strengthens communication with partners and implementation of industry standards, and deeply explores market potential, forming an industry-specific A new business model that can be widely promoted.

    Shenzhen HD Electronic Police Project is one of the important projects of the new business model of UIT Innovation. Around this new business model, UIT will also provide strong after-sales service, to more effectively carry out traffic violations and accident detection work protection, maintain the safe sharing application of traffic monitoring resources in the city, and provide a new smart city benchmark for Shenzhen. support.

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