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      With the rapid development of the social economy, the urbanization and motorization process has accelerated, and the urban population and motor vehicle ownership have continued to grow, putting forward higher requirements for the city's existing traffic management facilities.

    Foshan City, Guangdong Province, as a new batch of innovative construction cities supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology and the National Development and Reform Commission in 2018, has been in a leading position in the development of 17 cities across the country. The Foshan Municipal Government attaches great importance to improving the urban traffic environment, improving the city's management level, and improving the city's image and cultural construction.

Beautiful Foshan

    Driven by the new pattern and new technologies, the Chancheng Branch of the Foshan Municipal Public Security Bureau “promoted and pursued the trend” and actively promoted the application of advanced technologies such as mobile Internet, cloud computing, big data and Internet of Things. As one of the key projects of the city's intelligent construction, Foshan Chancheng Intelligent Traffic Management System has implemented a full-scale system upgrade on the basis of the first and second phases of construction, and has been playing a scientific and efficient traffic management and improving public travel. obvious advantage.

    The results of the transformation of the first and second phases of the intelligent traffic management system include: the establishment of the traffic integrated management command center and its data room and communication network system, the construction of the physical center of the intelligent traffic management system; the completion of the command and dispatch integration platform and law enforcement Mobile police system, traffic signal control system, high-definition video surveillance system, high-definition security bayonet system, electronic police capture system, traffic flow information collection and distribution system and other subsystems, effectively realize data collection, processing and decision-making for traffic management , coordination, command and other functions.

    UIT Innovation's intelligent traffic monitoring cloud storage system solution, as the "smart brain" of the entire intelligent traffic management system, has become the core to ensure the efficient and stable operation of Chancheng traffic management. The company has attached great importance to the implementation of the entire project, and strives to ensure the quality of the project and deliver it on time, which is highly recognized by the leaders of the branch.

The project site

     UIT intelligent traffic monitoring cloud storage system design

    The UIT cloud storage system is a software-defined distributed storage system architecture. It is built on a common server and Ethernet network. The total storage capacity is 6.3P, which is extremely cost-effective. The cloud storage system adopts independent metadata nodes, the data path is separated from the control path, eliminates the metadata node bottleneck, and the fastest concurrent access to read and write data through load balancing and data concurrent access policies, and related products for video storage characteristics. optimization. The cloud storage capacity management software has built-in distributed data management strategy to ensure data security and reliability in the event of partial system failure, completely eliminate single point of failure in the storage system, and combine automatic fault detection and fast fault recovery technology to ensure application. Continuously and steadily running.

UIT intelligent traffic cloud storage solution topology diagram

    The UIT cloud storage system interconnects through the D-NET network to achieve storage device integration, unified task scheduling, and centralized monitoring and management. Provides a file system interface to support big data applications, provides a block device interface to support virtualization applications, and provides an object interface to support cloud network disk applications. At the same time, it supports distributed unified storage of three interfaces of blocks, files and objects, and satisfies the design concept of unified storage, management, analysis and application of data by users in new data centers.

    UIT cloud storage system advantages

    The system adopts advanced software-defined distributed cloud storage architecture design ideas, and is a high-performance massive cloud storage system introduced by UIT for heterogeneous data application environments. Through the distributed scale-out cluster architecture, the EB-class system scale is achieved, and dynamic capacity and performance expansion, and excellent system high availability are realized. Build a large-scale, high-performance, dynamic and scalable distributed storage architecture with virtualization and parallelized blocks, file systems, and object resource management. Support rich rich advanced data management functions to connect to cloud platforms, big data, and virtual Most popular applications such as chemistry and containers.

     UIT intelligent traffic monitoring cloud storage system value

    Driven by the technology of cloud computing, smart city and big data applications, the technical advantages and solution value of cloud storage systems based on software-defined distributed architecture have been highlighted. In particular, it has been fully verified in the application requirements of mass image data storage, concurrent access and sharing under the intelligent traffic application scenario. UIT cloud storage conforms to the IT development trend from the technical architecture, and has the characteristics of on-demand expansion, easy management and flexible upgrade. It can meet the system data storage and management, and the next stage of cloud computing, big data analysis and other application programs. The extension provides an open and standard interface to meet the business upgrade and data storage needs of intelligent transportation systems.

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