UIT New Product Release and Customer Appreciation Conference was held in Shenzhen


On February 18th, UIT held a new product release and customer appreciation meeting on the beautiful Nanao waterfront in Shenzhen. The key customers from all over the country gathered together to taste the new fusion of UIT. The object storage and the next-generation unified storage big data solution fully affirmed the innovation and research capabilities of the Innovation Division and the ability to meet customer needs, and increased confidence in the future cooperation prospects of both parties. As a co-organizer of this event, Intel and Seagate Technology gave great support to this event.

Chairman of the Board of UIT, Chen Kai, Vice President Lin Defeng, and Vice President Bill Bao attended the event and delivered an important speech. Yuan Wei, senior analyst of CCID Research Institute, Zheng Jinqiang, director of Intel China Storage Division, and Li Wei, senior engineer of Seagate Technology, gave a special speech at the meeting. Through the sharing of content in various dimensions, we showed the brand value of UIT

Lin Defeng, vice president of UIT delivered a speech at the meeting. In his speech, Mr. Lin said: "The upcoming 2018 is an extraordinary year, and it is also a year for UIT people to challenge themselves and surpass themselves. The concept of “Clouds Leading the Future”, UIT people are brave enough to move forward on the road of innovation to meet the needs of customers and continue to promote the innovative development of data values.” Leaders, guests, new and old customers and friends who attended the meeting during the busy schedule. Expressed a warm welcome and heartfelt thanks.

The data storage industry is moving from storage to a new stage of data value innovation and development. At the same time, the digital economy has also set new development requirements for Chinese storage in the new era. Yuan Wei, a senior analyst at the CCID Research Institute of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, pointed out in his speech that with the gradual completion of the server localization process, the localization process of the storage system kicked off. Due to the technical difficulty and difficulty in research and development, the localization process lags behind the server. However, after years of research and development investment by domestic storage system manufacturers represented by UIT Branch, localization is gaining momentum, and domestic storage brands will usher in further rapid growth.

At the conference, Bill Bao, vice president of UIT, highlighted the three major products of UIT: UScale hyper-convergence, UDOS object storage and SV3000G3 next-generation unified storage, which deeply explained the innovation department leading the industry development trend. R&D ideas, and shared the innovative technology, product quality, excellent service and customer-oriented business philosophy, received positive response from the guests.

Bill Bao, the company's vice president, emphasized in his speech: "UIT Innovations, as an innovative storage system and big data service provider, enhances independent innovation capability, grasps new development trends, and values user experience. It has always been the core competition that UIT is strongly shaping."

Zheng Jinqiang, Director of Intel Storage Division in China, delivered a keynote speech on the topic of “UIT and Intel to Win-Win”, expressing expectations for the future cooperation between the two parties.

Seagate Technology senior engineer Li Wei combined with the data storage and application requirements of the new era to explain to the guests how the latest storage technology can change the way information storage, knowledge transfer and data value mining.

Chen Kai, chairman of UIT, said that the data fosters new smart technologies and opens the door to the intelligent era. With the advancement of technology and the development of society, we believe that the future is full of endless business opportunities. UIT is ready to transform these business opportunities into customer value and work with you to achieve a new and smart future.

After the press conference, all the guests drove to the South Australian waterfront.Take a yacht out to sea and enjoy the warm winter sun.

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