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On April 8th, the signing ceremony of UIT Huazhong Regional Headquarters Base and Big Data Industrial Park project was held in Zhengzhou's key special event, 2019 World Emerging Industry Conference. UIT signed a contract with Zhengzhou High-tech Zone, and both parties will build a heavyweight. The construction goal of the science and technology industry, investing 5.5 billion yuan to build a big data industry platform. Leaders of Zhengzhou Municipal Government and relevant departments of the municipal government, leaders of the county (city) district government, development zone, airport port, Zhengdong New District Management Committee and business administration, UIT Chairman Chen Kai and Vice President Lin Defeng attended the signing ceremony.

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According to the project positioning, the UIT Zhengzhou Big Data Industrial Park project will focus on the development of the emerging technology industry with the big data industry as the core, open up the upstream data infrastructure and downstream industry data service applications, and introduce a batch of data storage and management and data. Enterprises with analysis and mining, data operation and maintenance and application as the leading enterprises will drive the development of big data industry and build a “big data Silicon Valley” with international influence and competitiveness.

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After the completion of the industrial park, 20-30 upstream, downstream and incubating enterprises can be introduced, and efforts will be made to become a high-end future industrial highland, high-end foreign capital gathering place and a new industrial platform with obvious industrial characteristics in the Central Plains Economic Zone, and strive to build a Zhongyuan high-tech demonstration zone.

At present, the preliminary preparations for the Big Data Industrial Park have been initially completed. UIT will actively integrate the superior resources of all parties, consolidate the UIT Huazhong Headquarters Base, comprehensively promote the construction tasks of the Industrial Park according to the plan and schedule, and promote the healthy development of the surrounding related industries while realizing the rapid upgrading of its own business.

At the signing ceremony, the first batch of six projects in Zhengzhou Big Data Industrial Park were also signed, namely: data center operation service project in cooperation with Skye Company, and innovation chain future block experiment in cooperation with Israel Titanium Company. Room project, big data service project with Shenzhen Desheng, high-end production base project with Beihai Yunsheng, next-generation network technology R&D center project with Guangzhou Zhongyun, and big data application demonstration project with Shenzhen Chang Geng.

Chen Kai, Chairman of the Board of Directors, introduced the project situation to Wang Xinwei, Mayor of Zhengzhou City.

After the signing ceremony, Wang Xinwei, the mayor of Zhengzhou City, met with the UIT team. During the discussion, Chairman Chen Kai said that Zhengzhou has continued to exert its efforts in talent introduction and industrial introduction, actively responding to regional integration strategies, and strengthening cooperation with neighboring cities and regions. The Innovation Division will be the opportunity of this cooperation. Integrate upstream and downstream resources to help Zhengzhou build a high-tech innovation industry cluster, lead regional enterprises to take advantage of, and seize new opportunities in the big data industry.

Mayor Wang Xinwei said that he sincerely welcomes UIT to invest in Zhengzhou and take root in Zhengzhou. Zhengzhou attaches great importance to service enterprises and talents, and will continue to provide quality services to enterprises and achieve win-win cooperation.

Chen Kai, chairman of the board, was interviewed by the media.

Chairman Chen Kai said in an interview that the success of the project is a microcosm of Zhengzhou's development of a national central city. Since December 26, 2016, the State Council officially approved Zhengzhou to build a national central city. By July 16, 2018, Zhengzhou officially launched the preparation of the city master plan (2018-2035). Zhengzhou has come from a larger regional scope. Look at the future development of the city, focus on the core tasks of national central city construction, and vigorously promote industrial transformation and upgrading and regional integration development. The UIT and the high-tech zone will cooperate to build a big data industrial park, which will lead the Central Plains urban agglomeration and the emerging technology industry to one-click, directly participate in the international competition sequence, and make greater contributions in supporting the rise of the central region and serving the overall development of the country.

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