UIT unveiled the 2019 Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Intelligent Transportation Technology Innovation Collaborative Development Symposium


On April 25th, 2019, the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Intelligent Transportation Technology Innovation Collaborative Development Symposium was held at the Liweiside Hotel. Leaders and experts from government departments, design institutes, operating units, construction units, and related enterprises in the transportation industry came to this conference. Zhou Wei, chief engineer of the Ministry of Transport, and Wang Xiaojing, chief scientist of the National Intelligent Transportation Systems Engineering Technology Research Center, attended the meeting. The Vice President of UIT was invited to attend the conference and reported to the experts and leaders of the intelligent transportation industry on the achievements and latest developments of the Innovation Division in the field of intelligent transportation for many years.

The conference also invited 20 leaders from domestic industry associations, associations, research institutes and other social organizations to study, design, construction, operation, technology and management of the coordinated development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei intelligent transportation. The university and the economy have made wonderful speeches, and conducted in-depth discussions and fruitful exchanges on key issues and future developments in this field. The atmosphere is lively.

UIT Urban Rail Transit Application

Cloud direct storage solution


The solution uses a distributed storage architecture to build a complete video surveillance storage subsystem. The solution uses UIT's self-developed video streaming direct-write cloud storage system to achieve a perfect integration of video surveillance applications and cloud storage systems. The solution application software defines a storage architecture, which combines distributed storage, erasure code, virtualization, cluster high availability, load balancing and other technologies. Based on standard universal X86 server hardware, a large-scale video cloud storage cluster is constructed, which not only realizes video. Massive storage, which can be directly written, and can be seamlessly connected with the management platform of mainstream monitoring vendors through the national standard protocol.

Program advantage

Integrated and integrated design: Integrated software and hardware system to simplify user deployment and maintenance. Video storage, retrieval, download and forwarding services are directly provided by the system. The front end and the platform only need to access the service interface to complete the networking.

Streaming media direct writing, distributed block storage: Streaming file system, distributed block storage, support streaming media direct writing, comprehensive optimization of video, image data storage efficiency.

High availability of clusters: Storage services and video services all adopt high-availability cluster mode, provide cross-node data protection mechanism, support multi-node or disk failure, data is not lost, services are not interrupted, and there is no performance impact on the system due to fault recovery.

Large capacity, high expansion: The system adopts Scale-Out mode, which can configure or expand the number of storage nodes as needed, and can support hundreds of storage nodes to achieve EB-level storage capacity.

High space utilization: N+M erasure code data protection, data protection level set on demand, space utilization and data security.

Fast reconstruction at the block level: based on the hard disk block level reconfiguration calculation, the data to be reconstructed is uniformly written to all the hard disks in the system in units of data blocks, eliminating the data to a single hard disk (hot spare disk) during the traditional RAID reconstruction. The performance bottleneck of writing greatly improves the reconfiguration speed, improves the service continuity of the storage system, and reduces the risk of data loss.

Space unified quota management, on-demand planning: External storage space is allocated on demand, and space of different redundancy levels can be implemented in the same storage system. The entire storage resource is managed in a unified manner, and the system resources are automatically dispatched according to the established redundancy policy, which greatly reduces the difficulty of planning and management.

Platform independence: The system is compatible with the national standard protocol and supports device access in accordance with GB28181 and Onvif standard protocols. Any platform that conforms to the standard protocol can use the system seamlessly, and multiple platforms can realize centralized storage and centralized processing of data.

Continuous and reliable data services: Full HD, massive data storage 7 × 24 hours of uninterrupted service. System performance load balancing, reducing equipment loss and improving processing efficiency; system-wide concurrent data reading, improving data reading rate and meeting the needs of big data services.

Automatic operation and maintenance: automatic operation and maintenance of the system, whether it is a disk failure or a node failure, users can process it centrally on a regular basis, without real-time maintenance, and reduce maintenance personnel requirements, while ensuring stable operation of the system while minimizing operation and maintenance costs.

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