UIT Wins 2019 Seagate Enterprise Gold Partner


On May 28th, the 2019 Seagate Enterprise Core Partner Summit was held in Guiyang. As an important strategic partner of Seagate, UIT was invited to participate in this summit and was awarded the “Seagate Enterprise Gold Partner” award. Taking this opportunity, UIT and Seagate and its many partners gathered to discuss the future trends and development of enterprise storage.

Sun Dan, Vice President of Seagate and President of China, delivered a speech

The 2019 Seagate Enterprise Core Partner Summit is hosted by Seagate and aims to provide partners with a deeper understanding of Seagate's market strategy, resources, core strengths and future direction through discussions with core channels. Further deepen collaboration with core partners.

UIT was awarded the Seagate Enterprise Gold Partner Award

Along with technological evolution, a new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation is gaining momentum. Emerging information technologies, represented by artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, cloud computing, and edge computing, have been fully integrated into all aspects of social production and life, driving the growth of data storage scale, computing power and network traffic, and put forward storage technology and service capabilities. Higher appeals. As a leader in China's big data storage solutions, UIT has been working closely with Seagate to integrate its superior resources to provide outstanding and reliable big data storage solutions for customers in all fields. The “Seagate Enterprise Gold Partner” award is recognized for its leadership and development potential in the UIT industry.

Group photo

In the future, UIT will continue to focus on the big data industry, and work together with partners to fully meet the new business needs of big data storage with unique technical solutions, and continue to provide customers with safe and reliable big data solutions to help enterprises tap data potential. For more value.

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