UIT group building|Going to the better 2019 second half


Life is not only in front of you, but also poetry and distance; work is not limited to the two-point line of the company's home, and of course the group building activities that go away.

I bring wine, do you have a story?

In the early autumn of the sky,

The UIT Innovations team’s friends are traveling lightly.

Going to a feast of early autumn,

Relax between the landscapes of the mountains and lakes.

Enhance team cohesion and centripetal force,

Actively integrated into the big family of Innovation.

Activity site:

Breathing the cool breeze of autumn, watching the scenery of the fields along the way, accompanied by the laughter and laughter of your friends, the blue sky and the layers of forests are full of autumn scenery. Everyone enjoys the beauty that nature has endowed.

Wonderful moments:

Serious colleagues and leaders on weekdays have incarnate intimate travel partners in the group building activities, and laughter and friendship have multiplied.

Food temptation:

So delicious, good delicious~

After the outdoor activities, enjoying a delicious meal in the green is a great thing in life. Looking at everyone's full face, Xiaobian also saw team cohesion and centripetal force in these faces.

The 2019 group building event ended with the laughter of the UIT family. We are good colleagues in our work. In life, we are a family we love each other. Thanks to the big family of UIT Innovation, let us get together.

I hope that all of you will continue to work harder in the second half of the year and contribute to the company's development.

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