UIT Innovations was invited to attend the Arm TechCon 2019 Summit


Recently, the Arm TechCon 2019 Summit was successfully held in the United States. This is a global integrated technology event that demonstrates the latest advances and future directions of the Arm architecture and its ecosystem – from chip design and software development to platform security and IoT and artificial intelligence solutions. The UIT Innovation Division was invited to participate as an Arm Global Eco-Partner and conducted a comprehensive discussion and exchange of new technologies and new trends with the partners present.

Arm CEO Simon Segars announced at the conference that Arm Custom Instructions will be introduced to bring greater differentiation and value to partners. According to reports, Arm Custom Instructions will be implemented on the Arm Cortex-M33 CPU in the first half of 2020, and will be extended to all v8-M architectures, and will not charge additional fees to new or existing licensees, while allowing SoC Designers can add their own instructions for specific embedded and IoT applications without the risk of software fragmentation.

Drew Henry, Senior Vice President of Arm Global, summarized his achievements in secure, high-performance, flexible cloud-to-end computing since the release of Arm Neoverse last year in his presentation "Arm - The AI Edge". . At the same time, it shared how Arm will leverage AI on the edge of the next generation infrastructure and announced that it will support bfloat16 on the Neoverse "Zeus" platform next year. In addition, it is proposed to launch the Cassini project with industry eco-partners and build a development platform standard and reference system with partners on which customers can deploy seamless cloud native software including Edge Standardized Platform Security Architecture (PSA). Stack.

It is worth mentioning that from the many new technologies and new trends released by Arm at this conference, we can clearly feel that Arm is strengthening its commitment to enhance the flexibility and difference of semiconductor partners, and support partners to better. The opportunity to embrace new edge computing such as ML, AI, autonomous driving, 5G and IoT reflects Arm's open and inclusive technical posture and fully supports the development of emerging technologies.

Luo Yan (left 1), vice president of UIT Innovations, and Dr. Ray, the senior vice president of Arm Global, and Shao Wei, director of external cooperation

The UIT Innovation Division, which is determined to innovate, has always maintained a keen interest in global suppliers in the field of big data, and actively explored the possibility of technical cooperation. At this invitation, Luo Yan, Vice President of UIT Innovation Division, and Arm Global Strategy Team, technical experts and heads of external cooperation exchanged ideas on the future cooperation of the two parties, exchanged their wishes and suggestions, and looked forward to more Cooperation opportunities have contributed to the development of China's big data storage field.

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