Happy news | UIT Innovation Branch won a high-level innovative talent training base


Recently, after several levels of evaluation, Shenzhen Innovation Technology Co., Ltd. was successfully awarded the “Shenzhen Nanshan District High-level Innovative Talent Training Base” awarded by Shenzhen Nanshan District Human Resources Bureau.

UIT Innovations has always been adhering to the core values of “Continuous Innovation, Excellence in Implementation, People Oriented, Customer First”:

Continuous innovation: innovative ideas, open thinking, leading technology, perseverance, market development, and opportunities.

Excellent execution: establish direction, go all out, be serious and rigorous, efficient system, result-oriented, and start from the end.

People-oriented: self-reliance, unity and cooperation, integrity, integrity, value, maintenance of rights and professional development.

Customer first: market-driven, service-first, work initiative, active cooperation, resource sharing, customer satisfaction.

Since its inception, UIT Innovation has always attached great importance to the absorption of high-level innovative talents and independent research and development and continuous innovation of core technologies. Over the years, the UIT Innovations Division has launched a campus recruitment program for outstanding fresh graduates from 985, 211 and overseas universities every year, providing a good platform for graduates to practice.

Campus recruitment site

To help fresh graduates grow better, we equip each intern with an “internship tutor”. “Internship Tutors” are usually staffed by senior department staff, who meet face-to-face regularly and are responsible for developing interns’ personal growth plans. At the same time, during the internship period, the Human Resources Department will pay more attention to the practical results of the interns in the Innovation Division, and absorb the excellent interns to join the corresponding positions.

The selection of “Shenzhen Nanshan District High-level Innovative Talent Training Base” shows that the efforts made by the UIT Innovation Section have achieved satisfactory results. In the future, we will continue to make in-depth efforts and absorption of innovative talents. A trip.

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