Waiting for your return | UIT Innovation Department condolences to employees stranded in Hubei


Across the mountains and across the water

As of today, ten employees of the UIT family are stranded in Hubei

Everyone is concerned about these partners

At this time of unity

UIT warms up and cares for employees in Hubei

Hope you return


After the epidemic broke out, UIT Innovation Department took multiple measures to actively prevent and control the epidemic. Each department quickly established a WeChat group to provide care and condolences to employees in the department's stranded Hubei area by phone and WeChat, to understand the physical and mental health of employees in detail, and to help solve employee difficulties. The stranded employees also actively respond to the call of the government and company of the place of origin, and pay close attention to the business process of the company;

A heartwarming letter

During the epidemic, Chen Kai, the chairman of UIT, paid close attention to employees who were far away in Hubei, carefully asked about their physical, living, and working conditions, and encouraged them to maintain an optimistic attitude, courageously overcome difficulties, and work hard to get a good life. At the same time, they fully affirmed their hard work in their respective positions and made positive contributions to the company's development, and instructed them to take good care of their bodies. UIT looks forward to everyone's return.

High-level donations highlight humane care

In order to express their care for employees stranded in Hubei, senior leaders of UIT Innovation Division: Chen Kai, Lin Defeng, Bao Qingping, Ma Yuying, Hu Zhenguo, Zou Zhijun, Xu Guangli, Leng Xingang donated spontaneously to condolences to employees and their families far away in Hubei, and sent them Have a warmth.

The greetings of the company leaders, the kind care of the organization, deeply warmed the hearts of every employee. They all said that the company leaders give warmth to their hearts and care to them, and we will continue to work harder, work more optimistically, and contribute to the company's development.

Leaders at all levels of the UIT Innovation Division urged employees to abide by local epidemic prevention policies and continue to protect themselves; to maintain smooth communication and report health conditions on time; and to provide timely feedback to their departments if they have difficulties in life. The company will do its utmost to help in the first place. We must strengthen the belief of victory, and work together to overcome the difficulties and win the battle against epidemic prevention and control.

Employees are the company's most valuable asset. For a long time, UIT Innovation Division has always adhered to the people-oriented principle, continuously improved the working and living conditions of employees, and focused on solving outstanding issues that employees care about, while promoting the development of the enterprise and enhancing the well-being of employees. In 2020, the UIT Innovation Division will continue to adhere to its original intention, move forward from dream to dream, adhere to it with love, and shoulder the mission!

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