Join Forces | Shenzhen Chuangxin Branch and Feiteng Co., Ltd. reached a strategic cooperation to create a new height of information security


2020 is destined to be a year engraved by history.

Facing the various mutations brought by the epidemic to the whole society, the world has deeply realized how important it is for the survival and development of our country's information system to be autonomous and controllable. Especially now that big data applications have been integrated into daily life, having completely autonomous and controllable products and technologies is of great significance to the country's information security.

A few days ago, Shenzhen Innovation Technology Co., Ltd., a leading domestic big data storage company, officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Feiteng, a leading domestic independent CPU chip manufacturer. This strong alliance will complement the advantages of both parties in technology and market, incubate more innovative and competitive domestic big data storage products with completely independent intellectual property rights and data center cloud platform operation systems, and drive the upstream and downstream industry chains Development, enrich domestic ecological resources, and ensure China's information security and network security.

Based on this strategic cooperation, the two sides will carry out in-depth integration of independent and controllable information security. The two sides will use their respective advantages in big data storage core technology and chip-owned independent intellectual property rights to jointly develop the most advanced new generation big data storage system in China. To promote the localization process of the big data industry on a large scale, and provide support for accelerating the realization of a domestically independent and controllable information security strategy.

In the first half of 2020, Shenzhen Innovation Group will successively develop and release a series of cloud computing servers, mass storage servers, distributed block storage, and distributed files based on the new generation of desktop chips FT-2000 / 4 independently developed by Feiteng and new server chips. Data center IT products such as storage, distributed object storage, hyper-converged all-in-ones, and desktop clouds. Target markets include digital cities and cloud computing data centers, as well as industries such as energy and military.

Against the background of the international situation this year, the domestically controlled and independently controllable information industry is welcoming the best opportunity for development. It is believed that both sides will seize the development opportunities given by the times, break the original technical barriers and value chains, promote the rapid development of China's independent and controllable industrial clusters, and contribute to the development of the national big data industry.

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