Crossing mountains and seas to overcome difficulties together | UIT Innovation Branch donates anti-epidemic materials to overseas partners


The epidemic knows no borders

In recent days, after hard work, China's epidemic prevention and control situation has been steadily improving, but the global epidemic situation is spreading, the epidemic prevention materials are extremely scarce, and the company's overseas partners are under serious examination. The UIT Innovation Section, while earnestly doing its own epidemic prevention and control work, took the initiative to learn about the epidemic prevention and control from overseas partners and provide assistance within its ability.

In order to better help overseas partners fight the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, and contribute to the global victory in this smokeless prevention and control battle, the UIT Innovation Section has made efforts to raise anti-epidemic materials through various efforts. Partners from countries such as Canada donated N95 masks, gloves, frontal temperature guns, eye shields and other scarce epidemic prevention materials to help the company's overseas partners fight the epidemic.

Materials are ready

Mutual support and win-win cooperation. UIT Innovation Branch has established long-term friendly cooperative relations with many overseas partners in the fields of cloud computing and big data. UIT Innovation Branch and global partners work together to meet the challenges of the global epidemic. We firmly believe that in the global epidemic of fighting the disease, as long as the global partners work together, help each other, and fight against the epidemic, we will win this epidemic prevention and control war.

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