Innovation Technology Co., Ltd. UUS distributed unified storage and ZStack complete product compatibility and mutual certification


A few days ago, the UUS distributed unified storage independently developed by Innovation Science and Technology Co., Ltd. and the cloud computing company Shanghai Cloud Axis Information Technology Co., Ltd. (ZStack), which insist on independent innovation and focus on productization, have completed product compatibility mutual certification. Both parties will work together to create Safe and reliable domestic cloud platform solution.

UUS is a distributed unified storage independently developed by Innovation Science and Technology Co., Ltd. It adopts a symmetric architecture and a scale-out-based horizontal expansion design. It can build a large-scale distributed storage cluster based on general hardware. The UUS data protection level is flexible and the space utilization rate is high. It supports rapid reconstruction of storage systems, rapid expansion and automatic capacity balancing. It supports large RAID (RAID composed of dozens or even hundreds of disks), and the system deployment and maintenance are simple. At the same time, UUS, as a mass storage system, has added many features in system operation and maintenance. It is more suitable for cloud environment and large-scale data center deployment, bringing convenience to users and reducing operation and maintenance costs.

With the frequent occurrence of global security crises, information security has become the focus of global attention. How to ensure information security is of strategic importance. The mutual certification between Chuangxin Technology Co., Ltd. and Zstack will further deepen the cooperation between the two parties, give full play to their respective advantages, help enterprises to innovate solutions, and jointly create a safe and reliable cloud environment.

Innovation Branch Technology Co., Ltd. Introduction:

United Information Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as UIT Innovation Section) is a high-tech enterprise based on big data storage systems, integrating data centers, cloud services and big data services, and is committed to becoming a Chinese cloud Leader in computing and big data solutions.

After more than ten years of hard work, the products and services of Chuangxinke Technology Co., Ltd. are widely used in communications, finance, and Internet industries, and have won the trust of many large customers such as China Mobile, Honeywell, CCTV, and People's Bank. Chuangxinke Technology Co., Ltd. has also continued to create brilliant industry: becoming the first domestic storage brand shortlisted for China Mobile and Telecom Cloud Storage Central Procurement Directory; serving the Beijing Olympic Games and Shanghai World Expo; providing big data services for multiple cloud computing bases in China .

Independent innovation, cloud leads the future. As a leading domestic big data solution company, Innovation Science and Technology Co., Ltd. has always been at the forefront of technological innovation, mastering the core technology of big data, has more than 200 domestic and foreign patents and copyrights, and deeply integrates with market needs and relies on internationalization The technological innovation advantage and long-term accumulated research and development strength, adhere to customer demand-oriented, together with partners, provide domestic and foreign customers with cost-effective products, integrated customized solutions and big data services, so that data can create greater for the society value.

Introduction of Shanghai ZStack:

With the vision of promoting innovation in China's cloud computing industry and letting every company have its own cloud, ZStack Shanghai is based on independent innovation and actively supports domestic adaptation. In the field of independent innovation, ZStack currently has three major characteristics: independent intellectual property rights, independent open source cloud code, and independent cloud platform.

Its product features and simple, robust, flexible, and intelligent 4S features make ZStack not only a member of Alibaba Cloud's proprietary cloud product family, Tianyi Cloud's private cloud product technology service provider, but also the fastest and most fully supported domestic software and hardware cloud platform.

As of now, in the field of localized software and hardware ecology, ZStack has completed the adaptation with mainstream domestic chips such as Feiteng, Kunpeng, Zhaoxin, Haiguang, and mainstream domestic operating systems such as Kirin software and unified trust software. Partners work together to turn cloud computing technology into an inclusive technology that helps secure and trusted cloud environments.

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