Innovative Branch UStor storage system and Great Wall server DF720 complete compatibility mutual certification


Recently, Shenzhen Innovation Technology Co., Ltd. and China Great Wall Technology Group Co., Ltd. have completed product compatibility mutual certification. The test results show that the Innovation Branch UStor storage system runs stably, has excellent performance, and is compatible with the Great Wall National DynaSky server DF720. It fully meets the requirements of the National Credit Union and can meet the storage needs of key industries such as military industry, government, finance, energy, radio and television.

Great Wall Optimus DF720 server is a general server independently developed by China Great Wall Technology Group Co., Ltd. (abbreviation: China Great Wall) based on localized chip Feiteng FT-2000 + / 64 processor, suitable for cloud computing, big data, distribution Applications such as distributed storage and databases can meet the diverse computing and storage needs of data centers.

Innovation Branch UStor is a new generation enterprise storage system independently developed by Shenzhen Innovation Section Technology Co., Ltd. (abbreviation: Innovation Section). It supports multiple data protection methods and data access protocols, supports customer application embedding, and is suitable for network video, radio and television non-editing , Smart cities, artificial intelligence, edge computing and other application scenarios.

All-in-one storage to meet various application needs

With the integrated access feature of IP SAN / NAS, it can provide both IP SAN and NAS business applications at the same time, thereby reducing the user's procurement cost and making management easier and faster.

New architecture provides flexible customization

The UStor storage management software based on independent innovation provides a robust system architecture, can integrate customer application software, and provides open interface calls to meet users' various needs for storage and server integration.

Reliable expansion, mass storage

Supports high-performance SAS 12Gbps channel technology to further improve internal transmission bandwidth and IOPS response, which can meet the application needs brought by the continuous growth of user services.

Rich management functions and equipment features

Provides rich iSCSI storage management, NAS storage management, and supports virtualization embedding, centralized management of equipment, and remote management.

Introduction of Innovation Technology Co., Ltd .:

United Information Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as UIT Innovation Section) is a high-tech enterprise based on big data storage system, integrating data center, cloud service and big data service, and is committed to becoming a Chinese A leader in computing and big data solutions.

After more than ten years of hard work, the products and services of Chuangxinke Technology Co., Ltd. are widely used in communications, finance, and Internet industries, and have won the trust of many large customers such as China Mobile, Honeywell, CCTV, and People's Bank. Chuangxinke Technology Co., Ltd. has also continued to create brilliant industry: becoming the first domestic storage brand shortlisted for China Mobile and Telecom Cloud Storage Collection; serving the Beijing Olympic Games and Shanghai World Expo; providing big data services to multiple cloud computing bases in China .

Independent innovation, cloud leads the future. As a leading domestic big data solution company, Innovation Technology Co., Ltd. has always been at the forefront of technological innovation, mastering the core technology of big data, has more than two hundred domestic and foreign patents and copyrights, and deeply integrates with market needs and relies on internationalization The technological innovation advantage and long-term accumulated research and development strength, adhere to customer demand-oriented, together with partners, provide domestic and foreign customers with cost-effective products, integrated customized solutions and big data services, let data create greater for the society value.

China Great Wall Technology Group Co., Ltd. Introduction:

China Great Wall Technology Group Co., Ltd. (abbreviation: China Great Wall) is a large-scale central enterprise and leading enterprise in technological innovation of the network information industry, and is the drafting unit of a series of national and industry standards in the fields of computers, power supplies, high-tech electronics, financial informatization, and medical informatization. One is the leader of China's independent security computer industry. It has developed China's first microcomputer with independent intellectual property rights, the first computer hard drive, the first terminal ASIC chip, the first display, the first optical fiber Converter, the first light pen graphic display terminal, etc.

In recent years, the Great Wall of China has embarked on the road of innovative R & D of the entire chain from basic software to complete machines and business systems through the implementation of innovation leadership and technology-strengthening strategies. Great Wall Computer, which is manufactured using the latest achievements of the Chinese architecture PKS system, has completely independent intellectual property rights and is synonymous with China's independent security computer.

The Great Wall of China, with its five major advantages of main body safety, rich ecology, Chinese architecture, central enterprise intelligence, and complete end system, has built a secure base for the network information industry, bred the Great Wall "Fei Teng + Kirin + Security" Xinchuang Industrial Ecology, and wrote the Chinese characteristics network A new chapter in the development of trust.

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