Co-construction of Kunpeng Ecosystem | Innovation Division unified storage system and Huawei TaiShan server complete compatibility mutual certification


Recently, Shenzhen Innovation Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as UIT Innovation Technology Co., Ltd.) and Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. completed the mutual product compatibility certification within one month of the joint efforts of the products and R&D teams of both parties. The test results show that Innovation Division Unified Storage V1.0 runs stably, has excellent performance, and is compatible with each other on Huawei TaiShan 200 series servers. It fully meets the requirements of the National Credit Innovation Alliance and can meet the storage requirements of key industries such as military, government, finance, energy, radio and television. demand.

The TaiShan 200 series server is a general-purpose server independently developed by Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. based on the localized chip Kunpeng 920 processor. It has the advantages of high performance and high reliability, and is suitable for cloud computing, big data, distributed storage and database applications. , Which can meet the diverse computing and storage needs of data centers. Kunpeng chip, as one of the computing platforms recommended by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology for localized chips, was shortlisted in the Xinchuang Alliance this year.

Innovation Division Unified Storage V1.0 is a new generation of enterprise-level storage system independently developed by UIT Innovation Division. It supports multiple data protection methods and data access protocols, and supports customer application embedding. It is suitable for network video, radio and television non-linear editing, smart cities, and labor. Application scenarios such as intelligence and edge computing. Through strategic cooperation with Huawei's Kunpeng series, the innovation department's position in the independent and controllable localization market has been strengthened, and it has created favorable conditions for UIT innovation department to fully enter the government, military, finance, energy and other important markets for the national economy and people's livelihood.

Integrated storage to meet the needs of multiple applications

With IP SAN/NAS integrated access feature, it can provide both IP SAN and NAS business applications to the outside at the same time, thereby reducing the user's purchase cost, and the management is simpler and faster.

New architecture, providing flexible customization

The unified storage management software based on independent innovation provides a robust system architecture that can integrate customer application software, and at the same time provides open interface calls to meet the various needs of users for storage and server integration.

Reliable expansion and massive storage

It supports high-performance SAS 12Gbps channel technology to further improve internal transmission bandwidth and IOPS response, which can meet the application requirements brought about by the continuous growth of user business.

Rich management functions and equipment features

Provides rich iSCSI storage management, NAS storage management, and supports virtualization embedding, centralized equipment management, and remote management.

With the rapid advancement of "new infrastructure", the full scale application of domestic software and hardware is gradually accelerating, and the localization industry is ushering in a period of opportunity for development. UIT Innovation Division adheres to the concept of independence and openness, and cooperates with partners in the localization field. Industry chain ecology. At present, UIT Innovation Division has completed the compatibility mutual certification of distributed unified storage and Zstack, the compatibility mutual certification of UStor storage system and Great Wall server, the compatibility mutual certification of cloud storage system and Haiguang server, the unified storage system and Huawei TaiShan Mutual authentication of server compatibility.

In the future, UIT Innovation Division will rely on its rich practical experience and strong technological innovation capabilities to deepen industry chain cooperation, continuously expand the scope of product compatibility, and provide more professional and reliable services to customers in the military, government, finance, energy, radio and television industries. Storage service.

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