UIT Innovation Division fully assists the construction of Xinchuang Cloud


The hyper-converged system, enterprise-level storage system and distributed storage system independently developed by Shenzhen Innovation Technology Co., Ltd. ("UIT Innovation Technology") have fully realized the support for the three major domestic mainstream CPUs and domestic operating systems and passed compatibility test. The system runs stably for a long time and has excellent performance. It fully meets the requirements of the National Credit Innovation Alliance. It can meet the needs of credit creation cloud construction in key industries such as the party, government, military, power, energy, finance, medical, transportation, radio and television.

The domestic Haiguang CPU is based on the x86 architecture and supports a complete system and application software ecosystem; the domestic Feiteng CPU and Kunpeng CPU are based on the ARM architecture, have high efficiency and energy saving features, support a rich system and application software ecology, and are very suitable for green data center construction. The Xinchuang server built by the above-mentioned domestic mainstream CPUs is suitable for various application scenarios such as IT core business, cloud computing, virtualization, distributed storage, big data, high-performance computing, ERP, database, OA, etc. After UIT Innovation Division has realized the domestic CPU support for its enterprise-level storage and distributed storage, it has recently completed its hyper-converged system to fully support domestic mainstream CPUs and Xinchuang servers, providing a complete solution for the construction of Xinchuang Cloud .

The UScale hyper-converged system is a new generation of hyper-converged products developed by Chuangxin Branch. It uses software to define computing, storage, and network to achieve rapid deployment of IT systems and easy access to the cloud. The system is easy to expand, easy to maintain, and can ensure the sustained operation of key businesses. All the resources of the system realize centralized monitoring, management and maintenance through a unified WEB management platform, creating a simple, flexible, and on-demand new generation IT architecture for users. It is suitable for application scenarios such as private cloud, hybrid cloud, desktop cloud, data center, and business cloudification. UScale hyper-converged products have the following advantages:

Simplify IT infrastructure

A hyper-converged architecture for business optimization, which integrates computing, storage, virtualization, and management;
Standardized modular unit equipment, optional on demand, building blocks;
Support multi-dimensional expansion on demand, simplify IT infrastructure, and improve data center flexibility and efficiency.

Quick deployment, simple operation and maintenance

Integrated delivery of software and hardware, going to the cloud immediately after booting;
The first installation and deployment of the system can be completed within 1 hour, and the new node online or resource online expansion can be completed in 10 minutes, with rich built-in operation and maintenance tools and convenient configuration management.

Reduce overall costs

Support stand-alone deployment and expand hyper-converged nodes on demand as business grows;
All resources are centrally managed, allocated and shared to improve resource utilization;
Super deployment, operation and maintenance and expansion capabilities, reducing overall operation and maintenance costs.

Enterprise-level application optimization and continuity guarantee

Multi-node all-active architecture ensures high system availability and business continuity of key applications;
Support SSD cache acceleration;
Storage allocation and performance optimization for virtual machines;
Allocate virtual machines based on resource load balancing;
Support automatic thin configuration;
Support multiple data redundancy mechanisms such as multiple copies and erasure codes.

Extensive business software support

Support domestic and commercial databases;
Support website, mail, OA, ERP, CRM and other applications;
Support domestic and commercial security software;
Support domestic and commercial disaster recovery software.

With the rapid advancement of "new infrastructure", the full-scale application of domestic software and hardware is gradually accelerating, and the localization industry is ushering in a period of opportunity for development. UIT Innovation Division adheres to the concept of independence and openness, and joins hands with partners in the localization field to build the industry ecology of Xinchuang, and provides excellent solutions for the construction of Xinchuang cloud in various industries.

In the future, UIT Innovation Division will rely on its rich practical experience and strong technological innovation capabilities to deepen industrial chain cooperation, continuously expand product functions and compatibility, and continue to conduct in-depth cooperation with localized manufacturers to contribute to the party, government, military, power, energy, Customers in the financial, medical, transportation, broadcasting and television industries provide more professional and reliable cloud construction solutions.

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