Innovative NS2000 and Tongxin Software completed compatibility certification


Recently, Chuangxin Branch NS2000 and Tongxin server operating system V20 have completed compatibility certification and have been included in the product ecosystem partner of Tongxin server operating system V20. The test results show that the two parties fully meet the requirements of compatibility certification, stable operation, excellent performance, and mutual compatibility.

Innovation Division Distributed Storage NS2000 is a distributed unified storage based on Haiguang and Feiteng processor hardware platforms independently developed by UIT Innovation Division. It adopts a symmetrical architecture and scale-out-based horizontal expansion design, which can build large-scale distribution based on general hardware. Storage cluster. NS2000 provides multiple data interfaces such as blocks, files and objects at the same time, which can be applied to different business application scenarios at the same time.

As a leader in the storage industry, UIT Innovation Division always adheres to technological advancement and independent innovation, works closely with partners, and keeps forging ahead to provide users with stable and efficient big data storage services, allowing data to create greater value for customers. The successful completion of the compatibility test of the two parties' products will greatly promote the cooperation between the two parties in key industries such as military industry, government, finance, energy, radio and television, serve more corporate customers, and contribute to the digital transformation of domestic enterprises.

Tongxin Software Technology Co., Ltd.

Tongxin Software is a basic software company with the mission of "creating an operating system innovation ecosystem". It focuses on the development and service of basic software such as operating systems, and is committed to providing users in different industries with safe, stable, intelligent and easy-to-use operating system products and solution. The operating system UOS (abbreviated as: UOS) of Tongxin Software is based on the Linux kernel and adopts homogenous heterogeneous technology. It supports four CPU architectures (X86-64, ARM64, MIPS64, SW64) and six CPU platforms. (Loongson, Shenwei, Haiguang, Zhaoxin, Kunpeng, Feiteng), which can provide efficient and concise human-computer interaction, beautiful and easy-to-use desktop applications, and safe and stable system services. It is a truly usable and easy-to-use self-developed operating system.

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