Job Title: PYTHON Software Engineer Job Location: Shenzhen
Job Responsibilities:
1. Responsible for the company's products WEB server development.
2.Web front-end presentation layer and front-end interaction with the architecture design and development.
3. With the front-end developers to achieve product interface interaction and functionality.
4. Participate and assist the team to complete the system function design.
job requirements:
1. Proficient in Python programming language, more than one year experience in Python development.
2. Has a wealth of multi-threaded programming, network programming experience.
3. Familiar with http protocol, familiar with web service development.
4. Web application development experience, understanding of REST.
5. Familiar with Linux / Unix system operation, can simply use the Shell script.
6. Familiar with tornado, django framework priority; will python binding priority.
7. Distributed cluster management software development experience is a plus.
8. Team-work spirit, willing to accept challenges, can work under pressure.
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Job Title: Cloud Storage Development Engineer Job Location: Shenzhen
Job Responsibilities (Software Development Engineer):
1. Responsible for the coding of product function modules, unit testing, system debugging and maintenance work;
2. Undertake pre-research and development of some new functions of products;
3. Assist the team to deal with product issues;
4. Team collaboration, participation in the project's technical difficulties research.
job requirements:
1. Familiar with linux or windows under C + + development; also familiar python, shell priority;
2. Have a solid C / C + + data structure and algorithm basis;
3. Agile thinking, smooth communication;
4. Good team spirit, strong sense of responsibility, practical work, can withstand a certain amount of work pressure;
5 understanding of distributed development, understanding of linux or windows file system, familiar with linux or windows kernel priority;
6. Have prior knowledge of distributed file systems (eg HDFS, moosfs, ZFS, Luster, etc.).
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Job03 Job Title: Software Engineer Job Location: Shenzhen Job Responsibilities:
1. Storage product window software development;
2. Storage system software maintenance under the embedded system;
3. The software development, unit testing tools for the preparation and maintenance;
4. Product-related work.
job requirements:
1. Bachelor degree or above, electronics, communications, computer and other related professional;
2. Proficient in C / C + + development, with window independent software development capabilities;
3. Linux development experience is preferred;
4. Experience in storage software development is preferred;
5 years of undergraduate or master's 1 years of software development experience;
6. Have good communication, study and analysis ability.
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Job Title: System Architect Job Location: Shenzhen
Job Responsibilities:
1. Participation in the whole process of needs analysis, summary design, organization and completion of the Demo program design and undertake the preparation of the core code;
2. Program architecture design, the core code (mainly C + +), code review;
3. Research techniques, overcome technical problems;
4. Organization of technical training, training of technical personnel;
5. To complete the company account for other work.
job requirements:
1. At least 5 years of experience in large - scale software product life cycle development;
2. Excellent technical leadership and collaboration with different development teams;
3. The data structure, algorithms, C + + programming technology in-depth understanding;
4. At least two of the following specific experience: distributed systems, storage systems, MapReduce;
5. Familiar with the operating system kernel, and familiar with the design and application of distributed systems;
6. Proficient in C + + development platform, familiar with Linux or Windows programming environment;
7. Familiar with software architecture patterns, concepts and techniques, can accurately understand the relevant system architecture;
8. The ability to independently solve the technical problems in project development capacity;
9. Warm work, quick thinking, rigorous, strong execution, able to bear any responsibility, to complete delivery tasks efficiently, with team spirit.

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