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The NS3000 series is a new generation of distributed clustered storage system, which uses scale-out scale-out architecture for efficient file storage and data sharing. It provides unified file name space and high-performance file storage based on storage server cluster.

  • Scope of application:

    NS3000 series of products for digital media, digital video surveillance, document archiving, data mining, high performance computing, cloud computing and other centralized storage based on the unstructured data (file) application system, widely used in radio and television, telecommunications, government, healthcare, education, energy, Internet and other industries.

The NS3000 series is a new generation of distributed cluster storage system UIT introduced, aiming at efficient file storage and data sharing needs, using scale-out lateral extension architecture, file storage capacity file namespace and unified storage server based on cluster of high performance and stable and efficient read and write bandwidth at the same time, with flexible expansion, high reliability and easy the deployment, easy management, easy to use and so on.

Elastic capacity expansion, should be required to change

      Distributed Scale-out architecture: the system data is evenly distributed on each node, eliminating the system bottleneck;

      Elastic expansion: the minimum configuration of 3 nodes, to support the smooth seamless expansion of 3~9 nodes, capacity, performance with the increase of the node and linear growth.

Advanced architecture, Performance Leadership

      High performance read and write access: multiple nodes concurrent access, for the user to bring the ultimate experience of high speed storage;

     SSD metadata acceleration: the use of SSD disk storage metadata, improve the efficiency of metadata access;

     Intelligent load balancing: cross node client connection load balancing, automatic balancing capacity and performance, optimizing cluster resources;

      Optimization of streaming media applications: IO sequence optimization, disk scheduling optimization, port parallel operation, to meet the needs of stable bandwidth and low time delay for video streaming applications.

Multi level protection, safe and worry free

      Full redundancy deployment: system network full redundancy deployment, no single point of failure;

     Node level redundancy mechanism: a copy of the data protection mechanism, even if the entire node failure, the system can automatically identify, automatic recovery, does not affect the business continuity;

     The protection level is flexible: the redundancy policy based on the directory provides different levels of data protection;

      Recycle bin function: to avoid the data loss caused by misuse;

      Privilege management: to provide access control for user / user groups, to create a safe, isolated storage space.

One key management, simple and easy to use

      Single network architecture: NS3000 using a single IP network architecture, the deployment is simple, easy to maintain;

      Shared space, flexible management: the global unified directory space, easy to use, easy to share; support according to the directory set space quota, easy to manage storage space;

      One key expansion: data storage according to the performance and capacity of automatic balance, no artificial intervention;

     Graphical management interface: visual management, support, the two languages in english.

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